We Are Luudi

We Make Portuguese Personal

We aim to make learning Portuguese fun, fast and effective

Luudi, from the Latin word ludus. Definition: 1. school 2. game, play, fun.


Using our knowledge and experience of business in Brazil, we help with presentations, lunches, small talk and Brazilian business practices.


Make the most of your vacation by understanding the basics. Learn how to order food, get around, book tours, check in to flights/hotels, talk to locals and more.


If you’re moving to Brazil you’ll find it easier and more fun when you speak the language. Find apartments, acquire ID, pay bills, and talk to schools.


Brazil has a rich and colourful heritage and culture. Understand Brazilian music, literature, cinema and arts.

Live 1-on-1 lessons

Our teachers ensure you get the best and most efficient learning experience with online lessons, utilising whiteboard, slides and videos

Free Replays

After your 1-to-1 lesson, you’re free to watch unlimited replays of your lessons at no extra cost

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